Beyoncė’s Mrs. Carter’s show-REVIEW-

Sandy Zimmerman’s Review


Beyonce Thriled MGM AudienceBy Sandy Zimmerman       

The audience eagerly awaited Beyoncė as they clapped and shouted her name.

From the moment the show began, a video transported the audience into Beyoncė’s fantasy world. They traveled back in time to 18th century France
with all the grandeur of a royal ball.
Beyoncė and her cast danced in their elegant historic costumes of that era. Suddenly the mood changed, Beyoncė wore rags while sitting holding a crown. Backed by special effects, computer graphics and pyrotechnics, this added to heighten the visual experience. Each scene brought

many surprises. Finally, the video competed with the action on the stage. Beyoncė made a dramatic entrance with her female dancers as though they burst out of the video.

In most stage productions, the finale usually held the place of the being the most extravagant number, the grand showstopper of the evening. With Beyoncė, every song became a major production number, each hotter than the last. The excitement kept building. It was like repeatedly experiencing a big finale.  

Even when Beyoncė stood still for a moment during her song, she held the audiences’ attention. Seeing her hair blowing-in-the-wind, by hidden fans at the edge of the stage, brought a feeling of sensuality. This momentary interval in the show allowed Beyoncė to cool off after her fast-paced nonstop dances.

The audience could not wait for her next move.

Beyoncė felt the beat of the music and expressed herself with every step as the dancers mirrored her movements.
In one number, Beyoncė pretended to kick two of her male dancers in the head, a reference to her feelings of female empowerment.

The setting for Beyoncė’s emotionally charged performance allowed many of her fans to stand in the center of two stages. They enjoyed this
closeness to the star by paying over $100 each person. The arena seating provided unrestricted views of the show.

Most of the action appeared on the large stage then later Beyoncė performed on the smaller stage across the arena. This staging allowed members of the audience to see Beyoncė from several perspectives.

Winner of 16 GRAMMY awards, Beyonce announced her upcoming  UK and Ireland tour as a continuation of her Mrs. Carter World Tour in February 2014. Beyoncė’s Mrs. Carter’s show appeared at the MGM Grand Hotel’s Garden Arena in Las Vegas for a second time this year.

With so much happening during the show, her fans return to see Beyoncė and to see what they missed the first time.

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Beyonce performs onstage at her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour 2013, on Monday, December 2, 2013 at the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California. (Photo by Nick Farrell/Invision for Parkwood Entertainment/AP Images);