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INTERVIEW with Owner Mike Foland

REVIEW: “Men of the Strip”-Male Revue
By Sandy Zimmerman
(Photos by Sandy Zimmerman during the show)

My invitation to the premiere of “The Men of the Strip” male revue, at the Hard Rock Café, sounded exciting, I wondered how this male revue was different from all of the others.

When I watched the “The Men of the Strip”, their skilled dance routines impressed me, each number sexier than the previous ones. Their sensuous movements pleased the ladies who reacted with screams of enthusiasm.

Just to say “The Men of the Strip” is different doesn’t tell the whole story! My interview with their owner Mike Foland filled-in all of the details.

MIKE: “We created this show in 2013. Our world famous chorographer worked with Michael Jackson, Ricky Martin and some of the best dancers in the world. We have the founding member of the multi-platinum 98 Degrees group, Jeff Timmons. My guys sing, they dance, act, and do such a great male revue.

SZ: “The Men of the Strip” is a complete show offering more than the others. They have that little EXTRA.”


SZ: “How are their bodies?”

MIKE: “They are in phenomenal shape! They take jazz, ballet and dance.

SZ: “So it’s a real show, not just stripping.”

MIKE: “These guys are awesome. We traveled around the United States and even the Dominican Republic to find this cast."

The cast of “The Men of the Strip” showed their abs dressed in a long white ties and slacks while meting the guests during the pre-show party. Guests dined on choice of Hard Rock Café’s Legendary Burgers (six different selections), sandwiches, starters, and of course drinks.
Every fresh half-pound burger is made with the highest quality Certified Angus Beef® blend, created especially for Hard Rock. Grilled medium well (unless you say otherwise) and served on fresh brioche bun with seasoned fries.
Planning a birthday celebration, graduation party, or corporate event? No matter the occasion, Hard Rock Live Las Vegas is the perfect party venue. We pull out all the stops to put on a show no one in your group will soon forget, complete with customized menus, state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, and live entertainment.  

 “The Men of the Strip” provides the choice of dinner and show or show only. Call: 702-733-7625. Tickets starting at $50, also VIP meet-the-cast tickets. Hard Rock Live Las Vegas, Hard Rock Café, 3771 Las Vegas Blvd., South.

Award-winning syndicated columnist Sandy Zimmerman writes Show and Dining reviews, travel, health, luxury and more. Sandy is talk show host of the Las Vegas Today Show programs and Discover the Ultimate Vacation travel specials. If you wish information, have questions about any of Sandy’s articles, call (702)-731-6491. 


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