Palm Restaurant Caesars Palace

Palm Restaurant Caesars Palace

  Review & Photos by Sandy Zimmerman

The Palm Restaurant at Caesars Palace is one of the few restaurants in Las VegasSZ-FRWBST-PALMR-LOB-USE--1_edited-1 that feature four-five pound and larger lobster. First I want to mention the kitchen because that is where the chef makes his magic happen. As Executive Chef Francisco "Kiko" Ojeda took one of their four pound jumbo Nova Scotia lobsters out of the freezer, he held it up and the lobster measured an amazing length from Kiko's head to his waist. This was truly a Mega-lobster, a lobster that very few people have a chance to try. I looked inside the freezer to see all of the live lobsters and a large section for their steaks.

After watching all of the chef's preparations for the lobster dinner, I had a feast. The tender pieces of lobster dipped in butter were fabulous and every bite was a moment to remember! I tried the baby arugula salad and really enjoyed the mix of strawberries, candied walnuts and Feta cheese tossed in raspberry vinaigrette.

These enormous four pound lobsters split for two with two starters and two sides were one of their summer specials.

You will find many creative offerings on the Palm Restaurant's menu and their classic Italian dishes.

For our photo shoot, the man and woman (extras) dining in this article's photo were Kenneth Messner with Adriana Camacho, the Assistant Manager.

PALM RESTAURANT-LOB-TBL-CPL--When you walk into the dining room you see caricatures of some of the famous people who have dined at the Palm Restaurant in Las Vegas. This was all part of a tradition.palmrest-cp-chef-cold-yes-ts1-

When Pio Bozzi and John Ganzi opened The Palm Restaurant in 1926, they had no money to decorate. Luckily, their location on Manhattan's Second Avenue was in close proximity to the headquarters of King Features Syndicate and attracted a large clientele of cartoonists. In exchange for their meals, artists would often draw their own creations on the walls of The Palm.

Since then, the flagship Palm has become a living museum of cartoons and caricatures featuring such famous faces as Popeye,  Batman, Beetle Bailey, Hagar the Horrible, and characters from "The Family Circus." To preserve these legendary hand-drawn sketches - many of which were drawn in charcoal and pastels - the Palm's walls professionally restored in 1995.palmrest-cp-mk-lob-RDCD-TS1-PPD-

Over the years, the tradition of decorating our locations with caricatures has continued as we've expanded across the

country and internationally. Before a new restaurant opens, 200 to 300 local notables' likenesses are placed on the walls, and new caricatures of regulars and celebrities are added. The Palm Restaurant in the Forum Shops, at Caesars Palace.

Not surprisingly, the most in-demand wall space is at the original Second Avenue location, where only five caricatures are added each year due to space constraints.



LAWRENCE CLOSE, GENERAL MANAGER, PALM RESTAURANT, CAESARS PALACE                                                                                                                             

Specials vary during the year. TV Commercial produced by Sandy ZimmermanPALM REST-LOB-CHEF-RAW-HLDGUP-